Ryan Gasparini, User Interface Engineer

Ryan is a developer in Phoenix, Arizona who gets all-jazzed-up over design, technology, and the Internets. Starting as a self taught HTML tag wrangler and CSS styler, he dabbled in the academics of NetWare and Windows NT but soon found his niche writing JavaScript and ActionScript.

He’s torn between his two loves: design and programming. When it comes to web sites and applications, he doesn’t care if he’s writing the JavaScript for the interface or Ruby for the services. After all, one wants to have an API and consume it, too.

Ryan’s best fit is in an organization that values building web-based software that leverages automated, elastic deployment to deliver non-blocking, long-polling, real-time interfaces. Currently, he’s building AJAX-based, client-side sans-MVC applications in HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript 6 while maintaining browser diversity.

There have been some that said he is in need of progressive enhancement or graceful degradation. But let’s be honest, those buzzwords, on their own, aren’t going to cure cancer or raise the dead. With this whole new JavaScript and web software thing, you may want to hire someone with the experience to orchestrate mathematical results.

Ryan Gasparini—A dynamic guy for the static quo

Ryan’s goal is to collaborate with a team in the building of ambitious Web-based projects, focusing on creativity, efficiency, and scalability.

Featured Skills

  • Product design, user experience, interface design, and functional prototypes. Starts as pen & paper sketches; finshes as flexible layouts.

  • Built HTML5 applications with future-forward JavaScript frameworks, Ember and React; legacy with Angular and Backbone.

  • Built new, and scaled existing, Ruby on Rails apps (CMS, API), deployed with Capistrano and Vagrant, and tested by Rspec.

  • Relational database design and migrations. Finds enjoyment in running EXPLAIN queries more than any normal person should.

  • Setup and managed version control software such as Git and Mercurial. Introduced branching, merging, and pull request policies.

  • Introduced and collaborated in agile workflows. Has experience in Scrum and XP, with a personal bias toward Kanban.

Experience & Results

Contact Ryan Gasparini

If you’re looking to hire a front-end developer or UI engineer for your team, please contact Ryan via email at RYAN@RXGX.COM or call 602-492-RXGX.